DMZ, Korea, 30 July 2014. Entrance gate on the DPRK-side of the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas. In case of war, the concrete bridge can be lowered to block the road.
DMZ, Korea, 30 July 2014. Your friendly North Korean army guide showing you around the Joint Security Area after providing some ideological backround at the visitors' center.
DMZ, Korea, 30 July 2014 & 6 August 2014. The blue Conference Row barracks stand right on the border, one side on in the North, the other in the South. Left the view from the North, with ROKs 'Home of Freedom' in the background; right the view from the South, with DPRK's Panmungak Hall in the back. Note that soldiers on each side leave when tourist groups visit the other half.
DMZ, Korea, 6 August 2014. Soldiers standing guard on the Demilitarized Zone. Left a ROK soldier assuming a special karate-style posture intended to intimidate the enemy; on the right a DPRK soldier with a looking glass.
DMZ, Korea, 30 July 2014. So-called Peace Museum on the North Korean side, where the armistice treaty was signed on 27 July 1953. The building, your guide tells you, was built in record-time to house the ceremony.
DMZ, Korea, 6 August 2014.  South Korean soldier in the foreground with North Koreans patrolling the Joint Security Area in the back.
DMZ, Korea, 30 July 2014. North Korean border guards overseeing gardening work inside the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone.
DMZ, Korea, 6 August 2014. Dora Observatory on the Southern side of the DMZ with looking glasses for visiting tourists pointed towards the North.
DMZ, Korea, 6 August 2014. Military Demarcation Line with North Korean watchtower and border fence seen from the Dora Observatory on the Southern side.
DMZ, Korea, 6 August 2014. Kijŏng-dong, or, as the South Koreans call it, 'Propaganda Village', featuring a 160 meter flag pole and, allegedly, only empty houses with no floors or windows.